Passports out, It’s time to check in…

Whether you are planning on getting married on a luxurious all inclusive beach resort in Mexico or a freezing cold ice glazed mountain in Norway it ticks all the boxes on my love for travel, adventure, creative photography & weddings in one so I will be ready with my passport, backpack & camera raring to go.

Destination weddings are always super unique and add a special bit of excitement for not only the bride & groom but also me as a photographer / videographer.

Firstly, do you charge more for destination weddings? 

No never, all weddings are priced correctly & fair be it 5 minutes from my front door in the UK or 5000 miles away on an island, The only difference between destination and local weddings are travel & accommodation expenses must be covered too.

In most cases with destination weddings I work out the most affordable package for the bride & groom within a budget which includes my travel & accommodation too and when planned in advance can work out a lot more affordable then you might think initially.

What are your travel requirements?

When shooting desitnation & international weddings I always ask to travel at least 2 days in advance of the wedding, this allows room for any delays or disruption without causing a problem and also allows me to arrive in good time to scout the area, familiarise with surroundings and if needed adjust to any climate and time differences.

Arriving 2 days early usually works in the bride & grooms favour also as I often shoot the pre wedding build up a day or 2 in advance giving you more shooting for your money.

If its a family BBQ at the villa, Trip to the water park or a visit to a local tourist attraction, If I am there with my camera I’m more than willing to shoot this for free to add to your complete wedding love story.

Who books the flights & accommodation?

We can either work out your budget for my flights & accommodation included and I will then go and book them for myself leaving you less to worry about or if you have a discounted booking deal with the hotel or provider of your wedding and want to book me a discounted room within the complex or even collect travel rewards online that is completely fine. We can work the booking side of things out as we go, I am completely easy with both options.

Would it not be easier to hire a local shooter?

Both Yes & No. Often local shooters can provide heavily discounted packages & pricing but that comes often with compromise: Quality, Communications & Delivery.

When you fly over someone to shoot your wedding from the UK with a style you love and have seen reviews, portfolio & spoken to verbally it gives you trust & peace of mind that you’re going to get amazing results your special day requires.

When you book a local or get someone to shoot your wedding ‘in the package’ you could be dealing with anyone, any quality, any style and complications can arise, we’ve all seen the horror stories before in the news..

Of course booking local can have its advantages if you’re not entirely fused on the quality & style of your photos as its easier but remember this is a day you will not get back and these are memories for life.

How far will you travel?

How far is the earth? I’m happy to travel as far as required to deliver you the perfect wedding results.

How do we book you?

To book me simply use the contact form here or drop me an email or a message on any social media platform, I always endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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