Known in the industry as Benjamin Darren, But my birth name is Benjamin Darren Rainey.. I’m sure you can quickly see where the brand name came about.. There is very good reason for this which I will tell you in just a moment!

I’m based in the East Riding of Yorkshire but well travelled, 24 years old and pride myself on having a passion for creating creative, cinematic moments.

I have had a camera in my hand most days for the last 10 years, but it wasn’t always serious business it started out attempting to be a famous Youtube VLOGGER.. Then I started producing travel videos on holiday for fun and then started filming & taking promotional photoshoots for companies in my local area whilst studying for extra income without taking it too serious…

Things quickly took off as my style and quality was noticed by others and the work flowed in from there very organically, I then began taking it more serious, investing in the best equipment, spending time perfecting my craft and the bookings began to roll in..

My break into the wedding industry however came 4 years ago after a good friend of mine getting married was let down just 2 weeks before his big day with his Videographer going cold on him, I guess I sort of took that as a prime opportunity to break into such a tough industry to crack with no experience and portfolio to get both of them in one.

Let’s just say from that booking  4 years ago, I’ve been booked out all over the world shooting weddings and class this as a full time ‘job’ – a word I hate using as i LOVE every minute of this without any ‘real’ advertisement except the occasional social media post. I pride myself off the fact I mainly work off client & venue recommendations, word of mouth and my work talking for itself.

So the name ‘Benjamin Darren’ as I’m sure you’ve not guessed comes from my full name Benjam Darren Rainey.. I decided on taking this name in the wedding industry as when I’m not shooting weddings I am also taking bookings as an International DJ & Music Producer..

I have been fortunate to travel the world with my music – A quick google of Ben Rainey will pull up all the results you’d need to see of me DJing in Ibiza, Dubai and many more places as well as a lot of my tracks I have produced.

It was for this reason, a conscious decision to keep the brands separate and allow both lines of work to be taken seriously without cross over.. 

Interesting fact for you..

9/10 drunken grooms who know or find out I am also a DJ try bribing me into an hours DJ set on their big day as part of the deal.. ​I like to keep these separate and be professional when filming.. Although if the vibe is right after I’ve finished filming your first dance.. I may jump up and give you an Ibiza styled set up on the 1’s and 2’s.. But for now let’s keep it to shooting weddings – All grooms reading this take note! 

When I’m not shooting weddings or playing records I am either travelling, being creative or sleeping. I am also very passionate on promoting Mental Health & helping charitable organisations such as Andys Man Club which was set up to help prevent male suicide, giving people who think there is no way out another option – I am currently training to become a facilitator for the organisation & also becoming an ambassador to raise awareness.

I hope you enjoyed that little life story from me and also enjoy watching my films as much as I enjoy making them.


  • “I cannot thank Ben enough for our wedding video. Absolutely amazing work! We have watched it over & over again every single day since our wedding. Every person that has seen the video has commented on how special it is & we couldn’t be happier with it. If your getting married & need a videographer Ben is definitely your man, A pleasure to work with.”

    Married August 2018

    Mr Babcock
  • “When it feels like a lifetime ago since your wedding day and then you remember you have the most amazing wedding video made by Ben to remember such a special day! We honestly cannot thank him enough for creating such a beautiful, timeless & emotional rollercoaster of a video for our big day. The craziest thing about it is you almost forget Benjamin is there at times, Simply incredible.”

    Married August 2018

    Mr & Mrs Bowden
  • “When we watched back the video Benjamin produced of our wedding day it brought back every single emotion,.. The ultimate highs, the lows, the nerves, the tears & most importantly the laughter & love. It was the most incredible way of telling our story we could imagine. To be able to show friends and family who couldn’t make it to our wedding the run of events in such a beautiful video was just incredible – memories for life!”

    Married October 2018

    Mr & Mrs Harrison